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The CLEAN Helpdesk is a free online platform providing Climate, Environment, and Nature (CLEAN) technical assistance and resources to UK government officials spending ODA

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How the CLEAN Helpdesk works
How the CLEAN Helpdesk works
The CLEAN Helpdesk is a dedicated support system for UK officials to fulfil the climate and nature ambitions outlined in UK aid policy. Users can access resources in our knowledge hub which include best practices and relevant materials. Users can then submit a request form detailing their specific needs. Our team of experts engages in dialogue to refine requirements, ensuring tailored assistance. Technical support packages ranging from 2 to 20 days are available, complemented by rapid response service. Our referral service also links officials with other CEN programmes, promoting collaboration and maximising support. Throughout the process, the CLEAN Helpdesk is positioned to assist officials in driving impactful actions and advancing environmental goals.

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Other technical assistance facilities

The Nature Facility

The Nature Facility, launched by the UK FCDO, integrates nature conservation into operations, aligning with global climate commitments. It provides technical support to staff and partners, aiding in strategy implementation. The facility enhances FCDO's capacity in nature commitments and facilitates knowledge sharing. It also curates a roster of experts for specialised assistance in nature and development.

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Funded by the UK government, SPARC informs policy and explores solutions to improve life in Africa and the Middle East's drylands. By researching agriculture and pastoralism, SPARC helps governments develop better policies to support these communities. They also explore innovative solutions to make these regions more resilient to crises.

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Technical Experts

Technical experts

Technical experts are an essential part of the CLEAN helpdesk delivery. The helpdesk contract technical experts to assist government officials with CEN requests.

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Become a technical expert

Are you interested in providing your expertise to government officials? Click the button below and complete the corresponding form to apply to become a technical expert for the CLEAN helpdesk.

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Update your profile

If you are a technical expert currently on our roster of experts, kindly use the following button to update your availability, CV, and hourly rate.

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for support?

You can apply for support by completing one of our request forms. Please ensure that you add as much detail to your request as possible this will help better define the support required.

I am not familiar with the CEN space and compliance requirement however, I need to do a CEN-related tasks as part of my work, how can you help me?

If you do not have a clear understanding of the support you require by looking at the request forms. Please complete the contact us form to help define your request.

Who pays the the TA expertise drawn down from the CLEAN Helpdesk?

The CLEAN Helpdesk, is a technical assistance facility fully funded by FCDO for all UK officials to support Climate, Environment and Nature (CEN)-related requests. The Helpdesk provides 20 days of support time. If more time is required this can be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, the work can be co-financed from a separate accountable grant from the requesting office/programme.

How do I initiate a conversation with helpdesk support to build out a request to receive this TA support to better support the work I do?

Please have a look at the request forms that provide guidance on the form that needs to be completed to allow for a better understanding of your needs and how the helpdesk can support this.

I have a discrete piece of work that needs to be done, I also have the contact details of appropriate experts that the office has worked with in the past or would like to work with. Would I be able to put forward their names to deliver this request?

Yes, the contact details of the suggested experts can be put forward. Although, they will need to apply to be shortlisted on the CLEAN Roster of Experts (ROE) as well as evaluated against other experts on the ROE that have similar expertise to ensure good quality and value for money is provided.

Where can I find completed CLEAN requests?

Please navigate to our knowledge hub page that contains all externally, available resources completed by the CLEAN Helpdesk and CEN-related guidance relevant to Uk officials. If you were not able to find what you were looking for, I suggest you submit a form for rapid support to the information that you may be looking for.

What should I do if I cannot access resources in the knowledge hub?

- Open the Windows search bar and type `gpupdate`, then run the application. It will close automatically once the update is complete.
- Restart your device and try accessing the site again.
- If the site remains blocked, switch to a different web browser, such as Edge or Chrome, and attempt to access the site once more.
- If you are still encountering the issue, please contact the helpdesk using the "Contact Us" section.

Do you need to report a safeguarding concern?

If you have experienced, witnessed or suspect safeguarding misconduct through your engagement with the CLEAN Helpdesk, please report it using the safeguarding incident reporting form or using one of the channels in this document.

Please note that only safeguarding incidents related to staff, associated personnel and activities of the CLEAN Helpdesk should be reported here. For unrelated safeguarding incidents, please use your usual reporting channels. For more information on what the CLEAN Helpdesk defines as harm please view this document.